Family-Friendly Accommodations: Five Features Your Kids Will Love

Posted on: 16 March 2015


If you are travelling with children, finding accommodation that meets their needs can make your trip more enjoyable for everyone. Whether you are a seasoned family traveller or a harried parent on your first holiday with the little ones, look for these essential amenities:

1. Kitchenette

Kids are constantly hungry, and a starving, screaming toddler can make a holiday feel horrible. So that you can easily keep your kids filled up with snacks and small meals, look for accommodation with a kitchenette or at least a microwave and a fridge.

If you really want to spend cash, look for a facility with room service, give your kids a menu and take a break from cooking for the weekend.

2. Lots of Sleeping Room

Ideally, you want enough beds for everybody and room for extra cots or bassinets. To take it to the next level, look for accomodation that has a separate bedroom for the parents and the kids. That way you can enjoy a bit of privacy and possibly a better night's sleep.

3. Wi-Fi

Most kids don't want to flip through the channels on a boring hotel TV. Instead, they want to tap into the streaming services they use at home or play their video games online. To this end, you need accommodation that offers free wi-fi.

Bring your kids' tablets and video game consoles. They will love it, and you will appreciate the extra quiet time. If you don't normally let your kids play video games, rent a console and make it a fun part of the holiday.

4. Kids' Activities

Look for accommodation that offers something for the kids' to do. If you are staying at a resort, look for kid centric activities that are similar to day camp. That way, your kids can have fun, and you can do a bit of shopping or sightseeing on your own.

If you are just staying in a hotel or an extended stay rental, look for a place with a pool and fun kids' activities nearby. Even some hostels have free volleyball courts or other things for kids (of all ages) to use.

5. Cool Features  

In addition to the basic amenities discussed above, look for other cool features at your accommodation. Some accommodations have special treehouses where kids love to sleep. Others have toys in the room, pirate or princess themed bedding and accessories, kid sized bunks and a range of other cool features. Keep these possibilities in mind as you search for the ideal accommodation for your family.   

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