Benefits of Seeking Accommodation in Serviced Apartments

Posted on: 30 March 2015


Serviced apartments resemble hotel rooms, only that they have everything you would need for any type of stay. They have furniture, essential appliances, entertainment options and other amenities like laundry and garbage collection. Whether you're relocating, visiting or on assignment somewhere, serviced apartments beat many other forms of accommodation. This is why.

Freedom to Travel Light

For one, when staying in serviced apartments, there is no need to bring with you anything you already have at home. This is because you'll find it in a serviced apartment anyway. The only thing you will need to pack is your clothing and a few personal belongings. As any traveler knows, a light load will make movement that much easier, especially if you have to move from one location to another.

Cheaper than Hotel

Another great perk of seeking accommodation in serviced apartments is that they are cheaper than hotels. Whether you're seeking a short or long term stay, staying in a serviced apartment will save you on many costs. For one, you have everything you need in terms of electronics and furniture so no need to make extra purchases. Two, you can prepare your own meals so cost of living is kept to a minimal. Thirdly, renting a serviced apartment is cheaper than renting a hotel.

Roomier than Hotels

Since hotels are primarily designed to house a few individuals over short stays, their floor space is often kept to a minimum, which means the rooms are just enough to hold whatever is in them. However, apartments are built with the concept of housing several people over long periods. As such, they are roomier that hotel rooms which means they can handle larger volumes of people better.

Home Away from Home Experience

When you stay in a hotel, the fact that you have to go out for meals or order room service is a constant reminder that you are guest. In contrast, serviced apartments are tailored to assimilate the feeling of being at home. From cooking your own food to doing your own laundry, serviced apartments are your home away from home. That is one of the reasons that make them so ideal for long stays and families.

So what do you get when you check into a serviced apartment? The answer is everything you have at home, plus a few extra amenities like Wi-Fi, laundry service and a reception service. And all that for a cost cheaper than that of a hotel. For more information, contact Adelaide Dresscircle Apartments.