How A Real Estate Attorney Can Help You Buy A Home

Posted on: 30 March 2015


Are you in the process of buying a home and are wondering how a real estate attorney could help you? Selecting the right real estate attorney is important if you want to have a smooth ride whilst buying a home, as they can set up a deal that will be in your favour. Here are some of the top ways in which a real estate attorney can help you during the home buying process:

Coming Up With The Contract

A real estate lawyer will have the ability to negotiate a better deal for you. They can do this by spotting components of a contract that might not go your way in certain situations. For example, the home owner might decide that they want to take all the garden features with them. You might have naturally thought that all garden features would be yours with the acquisition of the home. A real estate lawyer will be able to spot such a minor detail and possibly negotiate it so that the garden features are left on the property after the transaction.

Also a real estate lawyer can make sure that the contract follows the local laws. That's important because if a contract does not adhere to local laws then it might also be worthless in court.

Title Search

The purpose of a title search is to ensure that the property you are buying is free of judgments and liens. This in turn will determine if the person who you are buying the property from has the rights to actually sell it to you. The title search can help prevent you falling victim to fraud. It also ensures that when the property is sold, the rights that are passed down to you actually mean something.

A title search can take some time, but real estate lawyers will have working relationships with title search businesses, and for that reason you can expect it to be done relatively quickly.

Making Sure Home Extensions Are Legal

Some home owners will build extensions that have had no planning permission, and then attempt to sell their home with the aim of getting a boost to the sale price. However, when the authorities find out that the extension is there, the new homeowner might have to take it down if planning permission is not granted. A real estate lawyer can help avoid such a scenario by making sure that any extensions on the property have the required planning permission granted.

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