4 Quick Upgrades to Your Rental Property that Can Boost Your Returns

Posted on: 1 April 2015


If you are a rental property owner, you know that the rental returns you get can vary a lot depending on the market. If you are finding it hard to get a new tenant into your property, or are finding the rental returns lower than you'd like, here are some simple upgrades to make your rental property stand out.

Refinish the bathtubs

If you have an older house with vintage deep bathtubs, this can be quite a selling point for a tenant you enjoys a good soak. Unfortunately many bathtubs discolour over time and this can make what should be a highlight of your house into an area that scares off tenants. Luckily tile paint can refinish the bath (and any other discoloured ceramics such as bathroom tiles), and can be found at most large hardware chains.

Equally professional bath refinishes can complete the job in a couple of days and get the bathroom shining again for a very affordable price. 

Cleaning the windows

While you have no doubt given the inside of the house a good clean, it can be easy to forget about cleaning the external windows. Cleaning the external windows can increase the amount of natural light through your property making the property seem larger and more appealing. Try trimming back any plants in your garden around the window to increase the effect, and appeal, of your property.

Fix those niggling issues

While a loose cupboard handle or a dripping tap may not seem like a big deal, they can contribute to an impression that a property is not well maintained. Go around the property as you are a prospective tenant and try all the taps, open all the cupboards and switch the lights on and off to see what little things can be quickly fixed. Even better: get a friend who has never seen the property before to try the same thing. Spend the weekend fixing up any niggling small repairs, so that you are presenting your property in the best light. 

Buy a new shower curtain

Items like shower curtains have a low cost, but can create an impression of built up grime. Try washing your shower curtain or purchasing a new clear shower curtain to make your bathroom seem bigger and cleaner at the same time.

Quick upgrades can improve the impression of your property, and can be tax deducted against the income you earn. Ask expert resources like PRDnationwide for tips on what might be turning people off your property for more ideas on how to make your property stand out.