Why Leasing an Executive Office Space Can Be the Right Choice

Posted on: 23 July 2015


An executive office space is typically a bit different than other types of office spaces you might lease. The executive space may be one office or just two or three connected offices, and which shares a lobby, kitchen area, conference room, and even equipment with other offices in the same suite. 

This type of leasing can be a good choice for anyone who is self-employed, who runs a small company, or who works in a remote location away from a corporate office. Consider a few of those advantages here so you can determine if an executive office space lease might be a good choice for you.

1. You don't need to invest in equipment for your office

Most executive office spaces include equipment like copy machines, fax machines, and even printers that can be hooked up to your computer. They may be specialized for a particular industry, such as blueprint printers in a space that caters to engineers or architects. When these pieces are included in the lease agreement, you know they'll always be available and you won't need to worry about replacing them or repairing them. You also don't need to worry about investing in the equipment you need only to see it depreciate over time. 

This also means that you don't need to spend as much to establish your own office. You can simply pay for the lease of your space and not need to worry about buying office equipment to start your business.

2. You can present a more professional image to clients

Working from home is often a challenge for those who may need to meet with clients and who don't want to impose on them by always asking to meet in the client's office. It can also seem very unprofessional to offer certain services while working from your home, for instance, if you prepare tax returns, your clients may wonder if their information will be secure in a home office. Executive leasing an executive space can mean a receptionist, conference room, and professional office that presents a better image to clients overall.

3. You only pay for the space you need

Why rent a full office suite when you only need an office for yourself, and don't mind sharing a lobby and conference room? If you rarely use the conference space and don't have a large staff that needs their own kitchen, there is really no need to pay for all these office features that are just a waste of your resources. With an executive lease, you get the professional office and the services and equipment you need without paying for extras that you rarely or never actually use.