Why you should choose to engage the services of a buyer's agent

Posted on: 21 January 2016


A buyer's agent is a licensed person who specialises in the search and location of property on the buyer's behalf. They also carry out negotiation and are known as buyer's advocates. Unlike a real estate agent, a buyer's agent does not sell property. Generally, a buyer's agent will bid for property on a buyer's behalf but may seek out property meeting the specific requirements of the buyer and even come up with a portfolio from which a choice may be made. There are many advantages that come with the choice to go with a professional buyers agent when purchasing property, including the following.

Conservation of time

Enlisting the services of a specialist saves you, as a buyer, the effort of looking for property yourself, which can take up a lot of your time. They do the work of travelling around and inspecting properties on your behalf, leaving you to only do the work of selecting properties that meet your selection criteria and that they deem worthy. This leaves you with a lot of time to do other activities.

Reduced stress levels

Purchasing property can be a tedious and stressing experience. The process of identifying the exact property to purchase gives many buyers a headache. By hiring a professional trained to deal with even the most minor details, you would reduce stress levels experienced during this time.

Informed decisions

For first-time home and property buyers, the whole process may be confusing because there are numerous choices to select from. While the existence of choices may seem like a good thing, too much information may be misleading. A professional will conduct research on the property, considering factors such as the stability and quality of the construction, sewer and plumbing conditions and access to social amenities like schools. They will also provide answers to any questions you may have.       

Investment knowledge

If you find a professional who possesses investment knowledge, they will be able to wisely select properties that are worth their value and have the capacity to increase this value. Instead of solely concentrating on the features you'd want in the property you intend to purchase, they focus on the bigger picture, which is the growth of your investment. Clients purchasing properties on their own are more likely to be short-changed and may end up spending more than the actual worth of the property.

Wider market access

Since they are specialised in the service, buyer's advocates have greater market access to properties, including those that are newly constructed and those that have not yet been advertised. They may even have access to property under construction that meets your needs. With their vast networks, they will ensure you stay informed of both existing and future opportunities.


Surrounded by people who are used to the process, bidding for properties at auctions can be hard and frightening for inexperienced persons. By hiring a professional, you are more likely to get better prices since they possess a higher bargaining power and are more likely to negotiate better terms.