Performing maintenance on a commercial property every autumn

Posted on: 4 February 2016


Commercial property maintenance is something that has to be performed rather often, as the building is used frequently by the public. Maintenance of commercial buildings is important for a different reason than residential properties, as the building represents the company or the institution holding residence inside. A poorly maintained building can thus be a danger to the public, and can create a bad reputation for whoever is in charge of the building. A very important thing to remember about commercial property maintenance is to take preventive actions, which is why you should pay extra close attention to the season of autumn. To prepare your building for the rough weather the season may bring, there are a few things you should think about.

Clean the gutters

The first thing you should do is to empty the gutters on the commercial building. This is a simple thing to do, but it can save a lot of money in property damage. Clearing out the gutters will prevent them from flooding, which could lead to a leak in the roof or moisture damage in the structures. Cleaning the gutters can therefore be a way of preventing mould from taking a hold on your building, which will lead to health benefits for your staff and visitors.

Examine the water pipes

This is something that should be done regularly anyway, but might be even more important when preparing for a change in weather. Check all exterior pipes for leaks, rust, and wear. Leaking pipes could cost you a lot of money in repairs, but also cause the soil underneath your building to absorb too much water; especially in addition to any seasonal rains. This could lead to subsidence and cause you to have extensive repairs made, which can halt the productivity in your business or otherwise affect the purpose of the building.

Prevent fires

Have an electrician come look at the electrical systems in your commercial property. This is something that should be performed regularly, but as the seasons are changing, causing you to use more heat, you'll need to make sure all appliances are up for the task. You should also take this opportunity when you're fixing up your building to check all smoke detectors and make sure they have enough battery. You can also perform a test on your electrical generators to make sure they really do start when all other systems are down. These are just precautions to create a better working environment for your staff, but also to increase safety in a building where a lot of people pass through every day.