Reduce Asbestos Exposure Risks With an Effective Plan

Posted on: 4 February 2016


Uncontrolled exposure to asbestos can risk serious health hazards. There are regulatory measures put in place by local authorities to limit the exposure to asbestos-containing materials. One of these is a requirement for property owners to check for the presence of asbestos and then make an asbestos management plan.

The asbestos management plan can be a document or an article that shows all possible existence of potential materials that are likely to contain asbestos within a building. It further mentions the condition of these items, the description of the asbestos and how it has been put in control. This information should guide you on how you can comply with the authorities' directive on asbestos management plan:

Knowing the risks

It is widely known in the health circles that asbestos can be very dangerous to your life. Breathing in asbestos is hazardous because the particles can affect the lungs through irritation which cause soreness. This can badly affect the breathing system and thus lead to serious health problems such as Asbestosis which puts you at a risk of developing lung cancer.

Carrying out asbestos testing and survey

You need to consult with approved asbestos consultants or contractors (ARCs). These specialize in assessing asbestos containing materials, conducting surveys on premises and recommending any action to be taken. There are two types of surveys conducted; the asbestos management survey and refurbishment survey. The consultant determines the right survey depending on the asbestos condition.

Elements of an Asbestos Management Plan

What you should know is that this document includes procedures for safely managing identified actual and potential asbestos-containing materials. This can be done either through on-site maintenance or removal from the site. It also incorporates emergency procedures to be followed in event that the material is disturbed.

Deciding on the action

As a property owner, you have the responsibility to ensure that your premises do not pose any health risks to the occupants. Create an asbestos action plan that mentions the parts of the premises which might contain asbestos materials. Also, include communication strategies, such as placing asbestos stickers on doors/windows to warn staff and maintenance workers about coming in contact with asbestos containing materials.

Deciding on making the asbestos management plan is a wise move that can prevent your property occupants from any health complications. The local authorities need to review it to produce localized asbestos action plans. That is why you need to comply to these directives to minimize any related risks.